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Newsletter Disclosures

We welcome the use of brief quotations (one or two paragraphs of text or no more than three lines of statistical data from the stock tables) of the content published in Investment Quality Trends or on the Investment Quality Trends site, provided such references include attribution and a direct link to

For both regulatory and copyright reasons, we ask that references to published content be limited to the exceptions referenced above, and then linked to the original source on the IQ Trends website.

It is incumbent that we maintain responsibility for the content we provide to subscribers, along with all required disclosures and regularly updated performance information. We reserve the right to withdraw authorization for any use that could potentially be misleading to subscribers.

Extensive or full reproduction of text or research must be approved on an individual basis. Approvals for one-time or limited publication are generally granted upon written request to the Managing Editor at, provided they include proper attribution. Regular and extensive online re-publication is not permitted. Unauthorized use of published content or research is a violation of copyright law.

Private Client Disclosures

I.Q Trends Private Client Asset Management
27132B Paseo Espada
Suite 1222
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Regulatory Reminder

As an investment newsletter, IQ Trends is legally bound to only answer questions of a general nature and is unable to provide specific buy/sell recommendations or specific advice on an individual basis. For those interested in obtaining individual management services, our sister company, IQ Trends Private Client Asset Management (Private Client), is a Registered Investment Advisor. The services offered are discretionary and non-discretionary portfolio consulting and active, discretionary account management. For more information, please call Mr. Kelley Wright at (866) 927-5250 ext 202.

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