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How are 'boring' dividend strategies doing this 'exciting' year?

If ever there were a time when dividend stock strategies should show their worth, this year would surely qualify. Because companies rarely cut their dividends, they should continue to get paid even when the stock market is as volatile (or ugly) as it has been in 2018. So the very same dividend strategies that previously seemed so boring when the broad market was going up should, when the market starts declining, start showing up at the top of the leaderboard. [Read full article]

Opinion: These 8 stocks are investment newsletter gurus' picks for market rebound in 2019

Investors have been feeling a lot of pain — which means they have two burning questions: Is this the cusp of a prolonged malaise that will send stocks even lower? If so, should I bail out now and move to cash? The answer to both questions is "no." That's the take of stock newsletter gurus I consult at the end of each year for an outlook and favorite stocks. Why should you care what these newsletter writers think? Because they have great records. [Read full article]